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CopiI Bogdan
Copil is passionate about Science, Gamification and IT integration. Working smarter is the way to go - this is his motto - so he's constantly trying out tools that can ease my life as a teacher and allow me to spend more time on teaching/facilitating the learning process. The GAFE platform fits him like a glove. Be it Flubaroo, Autocrat, Doctopus, Goobric or something he might randomly discover and give it a try, he is eager to share his insights with other GAFE enthusiasts.  He is a big fan of self directed learning and hands-on activities, so make sure you have your laptops with you and try out new things.
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Dean Stokes
Dean is a Google Certified Teacher and authorised Education Trainer. He has represented Google by speaking at their BETT stand, filming teacher tips videos for their YouTube channel, presenting a session at Edu on Air and being featured in a case study.
He started teaching in 2007 and currently takes responsibility for training staff and developing the use of technology for learning at a secondary school in England.
Dean believes that Google Apps for Education has the power to transform the way schools work across the world by improving efficiency and streamlining workflows not just in the classroom but also in back office operations.
You can find out more about Dean’s latest projects on his blog
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