Post-Summit Certification Course
At this summit we are delighted to be running a one day Google Apps EDU Certification preparation course on Friday before the summit. Our one-day "pre~summit" course helps prepare you to complete the certification process which comprises 5 online tests and a completed application, including a case study. The day is fun, engaging and educational and teaches you the important things to know about the apps to pass the tests, train others and join the community of certified trainers worldwide.

lison Mollica
Allison Mollica has a background in both business and education. As a Google Apps for Education Trainer, Google Apps Certified Administrator , Allison is an international Google Summit featured speaker and global trainer. She is also a Virtual Instructor for NH's Virtual Learning Academy, with M.Ed Technology in Education from Lesley University. She works with school by developing customized approached to deploying and leveraging Google Apps for Education in 'their environment.' For over a decade she has specialized in technology in education and her professional skills focus on creating rich and engaging [student centered] 21st Century Learning Environments that integrate innovative teaching strategies designed for today's digital learners.
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