Generating a collaborative culture with Google Apps

"In 2008 Leeds Metropolitan University provided all of our students with a Google hosted email & calendar system. We also provided access to many of the services such as Docs (and now Drive), YouTube, Picassa etc. We also provide access to third party marketplace apps such as Easy Bib and more recently we have provided access to Google Plus.
We also provided a sandpit area for staff who wished to experiment with using Google services as part of their daily activities. Having been one of the academic staff using the Google services I have been progressing the formal release of Google Apps for staff which is planned to be launched in January 2013.
This session will highlight the experiences we have had with engaging academic staff in this process, identify the drivers and benefits for providing staff with Google Apps access and demonstrating best practice collaborative uses at Leeds Met for Google Apps between staff & students. We will also demonstrate how the use of Google Apps for staff and students supports the strategic aims of our University and the senior level support that has put this initiative at the forefront of our digital literacy as a graduate attribute implementation."

Simon Thomson , Head of E-Learning - Leeds Metropolitan University